Zürich, Switzerland -15,833 Miles & Memories

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Here’s the deal. 2017 has been epic! And that’s arguably an understatement if I truly consider how life has evolved since this exact time last year. The exciting news is that it’s only September and if the first half of this year was any indication of how the last 4 months will play out COUNT ME IN! :)

With that, I’m still not completely certain what has convinced me to immerse more of personal story into Leisure & Labels. Honestly, I've thoroughly enjoyed working solely behind the scenes. Yet there's a little voice and tons of inbox messages insisting that I share more. And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.

Chief Curator, Keva Cooper and her hubby Kermari nestled in the heart of Zürich

Five months into the year, I traveled to Switzerland, Germany, London, and Toronto. I'm still in slight shock that I managed to climbed Europe’s largest waterfall, capture game changing photographs, curate international consignment, and even meet a few new friends in first class. Now for those of you who know me, you can imagine this was nothing short of a huge check off the bucket list for my husband and I. We’re ALWAYS traveling and have just about visited every corner and crevice of the US since tying the knot in 2012. But this trip was different -the perfect preface of a new chapter in our lives and true testament that anything is possible.

The Scoop

Flight Length: 13 hours, 35 minutes - Nashville, TN to Zurich, Switzerland

- 10 hours, 30 minutes – Zurich, Switzerland to Toronto, CA

- 1 hour by boat – Stein Am Rhein , Switzerland to Germany

- 1 hour 40 minutes – Zurich, Switerland to London

  • Airlines: United, American, British Airways, Air Canada, Swiss

  • Miles Traveled: 15,833

  • Hotel Accommodations: Arte Kongresshotel, Walhalla Hotel, Hotel Chlosterhof AG

  • Local Transportation: Uber (Zurich/London Only), Zürich Hauptbahnhof (train), River Cruise Stein am Rhein.

  • 📷What I Wore: Navy Blazer (J.Crew), Lace Up Body Con Dress (Blush Boutique), Sunglasses (Nordstrom), Heels (Louboutin)

Now guess how much I paid for the dress? Wait for it... A whole $10

- Confessions of a Consignment Queen -

There are two types of women.

One who makes cheap clothes look expensive

and one who makes expensive clothes look cheap.

Photographer: @julispicszurich

Makeup: @claudia.s.smakeup

Hair: @thecarissacollection

What I forgot to pack: My Lancome foundation. I traveled half way across the world and forgot my makeup (worst nightmare). And to make matters worst there wasn't one store within a 50 mile radius that carried my color. Apparently my melanin was too poppin. So what does a girl do? She purchases the darkest shade she can find, mix it with brow concealer, and a touch of bronzer. Ta-da!!!!

What I wish I wouldn’t have packed: Heels – Wore one pair the entire trip! lol

What I couldn’t have survived without: My electrical converter. American appliances run on 110 volts, while European appliances are 220 volts. Without this gadget, I wouldn’t have been able to charge my devices, curl my hair, or give you guys live footage. I was so happy I brought this along! It was well worth the $15 bucks. I'm so fancy, I even borrowed another complimentary one from the hotel. Don't judge me.

What I ate: Pasta, Cheese, and Chocolate :) Although, there was one particular restaurant that stood out among the rest in Olten, Switzerland called the Pavilion. They carried the best fried rice and spring rolls not to mention the staff was SUPER friendly. I also enjoyed an amazing rooftop in Toronto called The Chase Fish and Oyster. This place was super chic and radiated fun city vibes.

Favorite Sites I visited: Dover Street Market (London), Glatt Shopping Mall (Zurich), Hohenklingen Castle (Switzerland), Rhien Fall (Switzerland), and Buckingham Palace (London).

Favorite Memory: Sharing our first cocktail in Zurich as we asked each other "Can you believe we're in Switzerland?" There was something so authentic about this moment as it was confirmation that our many years of hard work had paid off. We were living our dreams and the journey had just begun.

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