Oh! Don't Mind Us... We're just making history.

Nashville teams up with iFundwomen a women-specific crowdfunding platform in an effort to grow the city's base of female entrepreneurs and business leaders... 50 entrepreneurs selected from more than 200 applications. Guess who made the list?! Leisure & Labels

2017 Crowdfunding Campaign

What an AMAZING honor to be apart of this movement! It was 6:30 a.m. when I received an email invitation from the Nashville Fashion Alliance as I made my way into the office. And without even the slightest hesitation I accepted the challenge of managing this crowdfunding platform. For months, I had pondered an efficient yet effective way to finance my growing brand. This opportunity couldn't have been more perfect. iFundWomen provided an outlet for me to not only share my story but earn cash for my business, showcase my brand, and meet some super awesome people along the way.

"iFundWomen Nashville provides a unique way to explore new women-led businesses, the stories behind their start and a way to invest directly in local entrepreneurs and creatives"

- Mayor Megan Barry

iFundWomen Marketplace - March 24, 2017

Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Behind iFundWomen

Karen Cahn, CEO iFundWomen

Karen Cahn, former Google and YouTube executive, thought her timing was going to be perfect. She launched iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform for women-led businesses, in November with the idea that a female would soon be president.

Obviously, things didn’t go as planned, but Cahn says it didn’t slow the site’s momentum. In fact, during the site’s beta period in November and December, the 25 companies in the first cohort collectively raised $250,000. A Google search for the top 10 areas for female-run start-ups and small businesses led her to Nashville.

Mayor Megan Barry and Audra Ladd, manager of small business and creative economy in Nashville, watched Cahn on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” just weeks after the launch and reached out to her.

“When a majority of the population lacks access to adequate resources and capital to create new and innovative businesses, our economy suffers as a result,” Mayor Barry says.

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