Meet Keva Cooper, Chief Curator

Hi Label Lovers! I am Keva Cooper - A HR professional by day and luxury consignment powerhouse by night. My rags-to-riches journey proves that anyone can live beyond their fondest fashion fantasy and I'm here to curate your most coveted designer brands at a slice of retail price.

Nashville, Tennessee

Now before we get started, I’d like you to Google search zip code 38106 (Memphis, TN). Indeed a humble beginning for the fairest fashionista right?! Born and raised in South Memphis without a luxury retailer in sight, I recall there wasn’t even a Walmart within a 40 mile radius of home. Had anyone told me then that I’d own a Chanel handbag someday, I never would have believed them. Fast forward to today and I am loaded with several…Here’s how!

If you take nothing away from this blog, understand that a luxury purchase is merely a mindset and does not have to be synonymous with “expensive”. That's why I got smart and started consigning. At Leisure & Labels, my team and I are committed to shifting the consignment paradigm. Pre-owned goods may have a questionable reputation some places. However, my hands-on engagement at every stage from consignor inquiry to authentication helps clients rest easy knowing there is a live person conducting research to protect their investment. Whether it be a direct phone call, text, virtual chat, email or local meet-up, I'm here to personally guide you throughout the consignment process. And the best part?! It's all for FREE.99 :-)

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...

What I do isn’t unique. I’m unique.

And if you're exhausted playing designer guessing games,

Let me help you locate luxury for less!

At Leisure & Labels, our clients are broad in range and diverse in scope from executives on the go, bloggers, celebrity stylists and fearless fashionistas across the country who depend on us for carefully curated designer consignment. Take it from me… You don’t necessarily need celebrity status to be worthy of high style – everyone has the power to obtain their heart’s desire. All it takes is a dash of discipline. That’s why my modern mixology of luxury consignment is also infused with layaway and rental incentives for the most budget savvy barganista.

P.S. In case you were wondering – my personal collection started with a nude pair of Christian Louboutin “So Kate” 120mm stilettos. These are undeniably a closet staple! I purchased the perfect pair on consignment and promised myself that if the shoe did not fit I’d resale online and spark a new wave of luxury consignment.

They did fit … and I started my movement anyway!

- Let’s slay together! -

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