When Life Blesses You With A Designer Fanny Pack!#WorkingWomanWednesday

You can't do it all... But you can look good trying ;)

Keva Cooper, Chief Curator reveals her pregnant belly poolside at the Beverly Hilton (Beverly Hills California)

My husband and I waited approximately 19 weeks before sharing our BIG NEWS! This December (2018), we're expecting our first born baby boy after 5 years of marriage and nearly 4 years of "trying". You'd think we'd be bursting at the seams to scream it from the mountain top. However, we found ourselves in quite a unique mind space. Before I could overcome the shock of it all, I personally faced a laundry list of questions... Should I return to work full-time? Would I continue my journey as a business owner? Where will the baby go? Won’t I miss him? Won’t it be hard to be without him all day? Who can I trust to help? Do I even have time for motherhood?

I’ll be honest: I’m “balanced” like, once in a blue moon. On the regular? I’m slamming a Nutrigrain bar in my mouth during my travel into the office, fitting lunchtime workouts in between meetings, going full steam ahead at the office and getting home just in time to blog and eat takeout pizza on the couch with my husband while we DVR and fold laundry. I honestly don't try to be a super woman who "has it all." I multitask. I embrace what’s good enough. Some days I can juggle every single ball in the air, flawlessly; other days, those balls crash to the ground and I put myself to bed early until I can start over in the morning. But I’m proud of myself.

And frankly I believe parenthood will be no different. I feel accomplished and secure in the knowledge that I’m doing my best, and so is every other working woman out there. I have my moments, of course, but balance is kind of boring on the regular. Facing the reality that nothing is perfect (definitely not me!) allows me to be both confident and humble at the same time. I can do anything, but I can’t do everything, and that’s okay.

So yes! We made our baby announcement two weeks ago and I'm just getting around to this blog post. And each day continues to be a challenge but I can't wait to share my story and new "designer fanny pack" with you once he arrives. Remember - Life happens and BOY am I happy to reflect on all we've overcome.

On another note, my inbox was flooded with inquires about the Sparkling Gucci Swimsuit I wore for our announcement photos. Well, it could be yours! I don't typically consign clothing but this super popular gem has been added to the website. Worn once. Size Small and it didn't touch the pool LOL!

Retail Value - $490 USD but of course I sliced the price to $389 :)

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