5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Consignment

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Do you love designer handbags and accessories, but despise the price tags? I found myself in that same boat many years ago–until I discovered consignment. Luxury for a fraction of the price? Yes, please!

But affordability isn’t the only reason to love consignment. From the convenience of having dozens of different designer labels in one location to the thrill of finding just the right piece, there are countless reasons I choose to shop second-hand.

Here are my top five benefits to shop consignment over retail:

1. Savings!!!

Let’s start with the most obvious: when you shop consignment, you’re not paying full price. Since items are previously owned, they’re priced much lower than they would be in stores. Sometimes, you can even find a piece that is brand new with tags and still get it at a discounted rate!

My clients are often surprised to find out that shopping for designer labels doesn’t have to break the bank. Consignment can help you stock up your wardrobe with those classic, statement pieces, without going over budget. Just check out these sexy spiked Louboutins: they retail for well over $1,000, but you can get them for half that price consignment (and they still look amazing).

2. It’s Earth-Friendly

Am I the only one a bit concerned about the future of our environment? As a mom, I want to leave a healthy, thriving planet for my son. But get this: the average American throws out 70 pounds of clothing and textiles annually. Ouch!

Shopping consignment allows you to help the environment in a small but meaningful way: in theory, every product purchased second-hand means that one less new product is produced.

Even better? Sell or donate your old clothing and accessories instead of throwing them away: not only are you helping to save the Earth (one pair of Giuseppe's at a time), but you can make some money in the process!

3. Quality Designers

Let’s face it: when it comes to clothing and textiles, money does equal quality. Designer brands just hold up longer over time, meaning you can keep that Givenchy handbag or Gucci pumps for years, and they’ll still look good.

While you may not be able (or willing) to spring for those pieces at boutique prices, you may find that you can afford them when you shop consignment. And wouldn’t you rather get three or four quality pieces each season, rather than 10 cheap items that you’ll have to replace in six months?

4. HUGE selection

Consignment stores are constantly taking in new inventory, and every time someone drops off their gently-used goods, those items get put into inventory. You could visit our website every single day for a week and find new merchandise each time.

The selection at consignment stores is much larger and far more varied than in a typical department store–and since items aren’t necessarily from the current season, you’ll find some unique treasures that you definitely wouldn’t get in a retail outlet.

5. Convenience

Consignment shops offer a true one-stop shop. The selection is huge, designers varied, and usually you can do it all online. Gone are the days when you had to actually drive to the consignment store and dig through racks and racks of merchandise to find what you were looking for.

Bonus: All of the items you buy consignment have been thoroughly inspected by our authenticators, so you know that whatever you’re getting is of the highest quality and value. That’s a guarantee you can’t even get at the most high-end department stores, where you may take home a top with a hole in it or a purse with a torn lining.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I'm sure there's a special something you've had your eye on–and wouldn't it be magical if you could get it at half the price?!

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